Welcome to the 5-Day Self-Doubt Detox!

I’m sooooo excited that you’ve chosen to join me in this clarifying process!

Self-doubt is a huge and crippling obstacle for so many sensitive souls like us. Raging in the back of our minds all day, it sucks our joy, our power and our sense of self-value.  But, because you are here, I know that you’re ready to cultivate more inner-peace and (finally) kick self-doubt to the curb!

I commend you for signing up for this mini-course! Please commit to yourself and watch all of the videos and do all of the exercises!


Every day of this journey offers you new opportunities to uncover more of your true self!


Thanks for embarking on this life-changing journey with me!

If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at karena@helloinnerlight.com!

We rise by lifting others!

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