You have such a tender heart!

You care so deeply about the world around you!

You're naturally sensitive, empathic and kind ....

So why is it so hard to love yourself?!?!?!

PSSST ... Learn to love yourself under ALL conditions ... so you can relax into inner-peace even when the world around you is raging!!!

I'm sure you've heard people say - "Your sensitivity is your super power!"

... But I know (and you know) that life as a sensitive soul can be incredibly confusing, depleting and exhausting!

Just dealing with the weight of your emotions in a chaotic and fast-paced world can leave you feeling frazzled and anxious!

You're tuned into the world around you so deeply that you respond to things (said and unsaid) that others don't even seem to notice!

You often feel exhausted, over-extended and emotionally overwhelmed.

You've prioritized everyone else's needs above your own for so long that you're semi-convinced that you don't even have needs!

You’re the one people call when they need a loving hand. But, who is supporting you?!

If you’re nodding your head along right now, I want to assure you that you’re not alone, you’re not broken, and there is a better way!

What if you had someone in your life who totally understood you?

… Someone who always saw the good in you, who could soothe your overwhelming emotions as they are raging, someone whose presence and kindness uplifted you no matter what you’re going through.

…..What if that someone was you?

Introducing ....

Unstoppable Self-Love is my signature online course that will teach you how to be a kind and supportive presence to yourself under ALL conditions so that you can relax into inner-peace even when the outside world is raging!

By helping you tap into your inner zen and find peace in even the craziest moments, this program will help you be a better friend, parent, lover, student, artist, visionary, healer and a happier human in general!

When you grow in self-love, not only will you receive benefit …. but it will ripple out into the people around you so that they can begin to love themselves more!

Above all, it will help you upgrade the most important relationship in your entire life … the one with yourself!

Alison Picher

"I can now love my imperfect self ..."


Thank you, Karena, for so gently leading me to a place where I can receive unconditional love from the universe. My biggest ‘a-ha’ moment was I didn’t realize how much my need to be perfect prevented me from loving myself. Now, I allow myself more permission to love my imperfect self, and I have your short meditation on my phone to do whenever I feel myself falling into old patterns of self-criticism. Your voice creates a safe and quiet place for relaxation. I feel really warm and calm now.

In each of the 5 instant-access modules, you will learn how to truly love yourself through a combination of ...

Video lessons that show you exactly how to shift your energy and put self-love into action in your everyday life!

Guided healing meditations so that you can experience true unconditional love and release old patterns that hold you back!

PDF Workbooks with journaling pages to help you expand your self-awareness and integrate what you are learning into your everyday life!

+ a 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee!

I’m so confident that the information, meditations and exercises I teach will truly (and deeply) help you embrace all parts of yourself, that I offer a risk-free guarantee!

Sign up for Unstoppable Self-Love now, take 30 days to experience how powerfully healing this course is, and if you feel like the class hasn’t helped you increase your self-love, self-awareness and self-compassion on a deep level, I’ll give you a refund right away!  Simply send me an e-mail within 30 days of your purchase – making sure to include your completed worksheet from Module 2 (so that I know that you gave it a try) – and I’ll fully refund you!

So - how exactly does this class work?

Buying Unstoppable Self-Love gives you lifetime access to all 5 modules!

(So that you can refer back to the valuable resources this class offers you again and again!)

Once you hit the “buy now” buttons, you get instant access to the entire course!

(You will create a log-in right away so that you can start your journey to embracing all of you immediately!)

All of the healing meditations are available as audio downloads!

(So that you can put them on your phone and ipod right away!) Having these meditations with you means that you can always easily reconnect with self-love even when you get knocked off your game!

Each of the 5 modules contains:

  • A video lesson:  Packed with information to help you find true self-love within.
  • A healing guided meditation:  To help you heal, release old blocks that have prevented you from loving yourself, and vibrationally align yourself with unconditional love on all levels.
  • A PDF workbook:  So that you can deepen and integrate your healing and learning
  • Truly learning to love yourself isn't an intellectual process!

    I offer a lot of information in this class, but the “meat and potatoes” of the course are guided meditations and experiential exercises so that you can deeply grow in self-awareness, self-compassion and truly heal the old patterns in your life that keep you from loving yourself!
    I don’t want to just share information with you – I want you to be able to live from a place of true self-love

    Enroll in this life-changing online course today, and you'll learn ...

    Module 1:
    The Foundations of Unstoppable Self-Love

    • check
      Learn the true (and simple!) meaning of self-love!
    • check
      Experience what the vibration of unconditional love feels like and offer that unconditional love to ALL parts of yourself in a powerful guided meditation!

    Module 2:
    What Prevents You from Loving Yourself?

    • check
      Understand and energetically release the concepts, ideals, and patterns (conscious and unconscious) that block your ability to love yourself!
    • check
      Connect with the perspective of your Highest Self, who always loves you unconditionally!

    Module 3:
    Increasing Self-Compassion

    • check
      Learn to react to your mistakes and imperfections with compassion!
    • check
      Discover how to reframe your thoughts of self-judgment and self-criticism and truly tap into your inner-value in a deeply healing guided meditation!

    Module 4:
    A Roadmap to Self-Love

    • check
      Become incredibly clear what the path of self-love looks like (and what it doesn’t look like) so that you can redirect yourself whenever you lose your way!
    • check
      Energetically align your chakras with the energy of true self-love, so that you can always draw from it and allow it to guide when you’ve wandered into self-judgment.

    Module 5:
    Soothing Your Emotions with Self-Love

    • check
      Learn a simple (and effective) 3-step process to bring presence and kindness to yourself even when your emotions are raging!
    • check
      Develop the ability to integrate and understand your big emotions instead of letting them overwhelm you!

    With the world around us experiencing more emotional chaos and upheaval than ever before, we sensitive love-bugs are in greater need than ever for simple and effective tools to stay sane and calm!

    I totally get it! I’m sensitive, intuitive, and empathic just like you. And before I committed to living from a place of true self-love, I felt like my emotions were being tossed around in an angry sea all of the time! I was overwhelmed, self-critical and just wanted to run and hide from it all!

    Pain, confusion and challenging emotions used to knock me off my game completely! I’d feel confused and unworthy and my negative self-talk would bring me down even more!

    I was so hard on myself!

    But after 15 years of studying meditation and energy work, I have developed an unshakable relationship with self-love. And that has made all of the difference in my life!

    Now when I feel low, my self-love kicks into overdrive! I immediately become more present, more tender and more compassionate towards myself!

    I embrace my negative emotions because they have become a mindfulness bell to remind me to love myself (really!) and I truly know how to show up for myself in a supportive and uplifting way no matter what.

    Today, I know that I can withstand any storm because I know how to love myself under any circumstances!  

    Life will always have struggles and obstacles …. good days and bad …. but you can be guaranteed to be loved, supported and understood – because you will become the most reliable source of that love!

    Kelly McGinnis

    “Karena is nothing short of a miracle worker in my book!”


    Karena is nothing short of a miracle worker in my book! When I first started my work with her I was in a deep state of frustration and confusion over my next steps in life. After only a few sessions with Karena, I began receiving the clarity in my life that I so desperately sought. Her work is profound and yet surprisingly approachable. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to receive clarity and transformation in their life. I am eternally grateful and will continue to recommend her to everyone I know.”

    Genevieve Clough

    “I feel a deeper sense of presence and acceptance in my life!”


    Karena is such a kind, attentive and intuitive teacher. Her work perfectly marries our own intuitive sense of ourselves with a strong foundation in the body-mind-psychology aspects of healing. Since working with her I’ve felt a deeper sense of presence and acceptance in many aspects of my life — All because of the many tools she shared with me. If you have a chance to work with her, I highly recommend it.

    Vithya Kuckreja

    "I've seen miraculous transformations in my life ..."


    Karena's courses have literally changed my life. As a sensitive, empathic soul, it was easy for me to get lost in the energies around me. Karena's classes taught me essential tools for being able to step into my own inner light. After taking her classes, I've seen miraculous things transforming in my life including stronger relationships with friends and family, success in my career, and an overall feeling of well being. Karena is an incredible teacher. She holds compassion for wherever you are at. I can't wait to take more classes from her and feel so blessed to have had her as a teacher.

    Can you imagine a life where you woke up every morning feeling relaxed and comfortable in your own skin?

    What if you could feel loving inside even when you’re upset or irritated?

    How would it feel to understand your emotions, prioritize your needs and have compassion for yourself no matter what?

    That is what true self-love can do for you!​

    I know that the world feels crazy and overwhelming to us sensitive souls right now, but you don’t have to be tossed around in the storms of chaos any longer!